Raiders news: center Andre James must fix the problems


There hasn’t been much to worry about when it comes to the Las Vegas Raiders in the perfect three weeks of the 2021 season so far, but it would be misleading to say that everything is going well at the center.

First-year starter Andre James struggled. He was uneven in blocking and he had trouble getting the ball back to quarterback Derek Carr and he had another major blunder on Sunday in a 31-28 overtime win over the visiting Miami Dolphins . Raiders coach Jon Gruden is hiding it. He knows that James, who the Raiders have given a contract extension for this offseason even though he’s only started one NFL game, needs to improve.

“Well, we train a lot. You’re not always there, but we’re probably getting as many reps as anyone in the league and we’re not going to be looking for excuses, ”said Gruden. “It’s the National Football League and we had one over our heads in Baltimore in the scoring area. We had one over our heads against Miami. These games put the quarterback in serious danger and on top of that, it’s a horrible loss of distance. So we have to do a better job, period. André knows it. We all know that and we expect him to improve. “

James replaced Rodney Hudson, who drove the Raiders’ offense for six seasons. He was traded to the Arizona Cardinals in March and is playing well.

Carr had little to offer on James’ failed snap against the Dolphins.

“The one today, I think, was a shotgun, a shotgun shot, and to be honest I don’t know what happened,” Carr said. “I didn’t see it, I barely remember, we had so many games, so much chaos at the end of this game that I barely remember. It is honestly time for the task. I promise we are working on it. I promise we will revisit these things, but he also has a fat guy in front of him, and no excuses, he still wants to put him there, but I told him I said I’m sorry that m passed, I just didn’t have any hops for him today. Usually I can get it, but today I couldn’t get it.

All of the problems are reduced when you’re 3-0, but there’s no doubt that getting James on track is a focal point for the Raiders’ coaching staff.

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