Raiders News: Darren Waller and Davante Adams named Top 5 offensive duo

Part of the reason there’s been so much excitement about the Las Vegas Raiders’ acquisition of Davante Adams is that he and Darren Waller can make one of the combinations of wide receivers and ends. most dangerous tights in the entire NFL.

Adams is arguably the best wide player in the league while Waller is also considered one of the best players in his position. Put them together on the same attack and the defenses are essentially placed in a “choose your poison” situation.

Both guys are hard to stop alone, let alone together, and Focus on professional football’ Kambui Bomani has high expectations for them by including the Raiders pass catchers as a Top 5 attacking duo.

Injuries marred Waller’s 2021 season en route to his lowest offensive rating in four years (69.7). When healthy, Waller is one of the most talented receiving weapons in the league, with WAR’s third-best number since 2019 (1.19). Meanwhile, new teammate Davante Adams holds the highest WAR rating among wide receivers since 2017 (2.73) and looks destined to continue his greatness alongside quarterback Derek Carr, whom he played with at Fresno State. Expect Adams and Waller to become one of the top WR/TE duos this coming season.

This pair alone is pretty impressive and after factoring in Hunter Renfrow, who earned a Top 10 PFF reception rating (80.8) of the slot machine last season, Las Vegas could easily have the best trio of weapons away.

Considering all of that, Carr and the Raiders’ offense could be in for a record-breaking campaign in 2022.

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