Raiders News: Derek Carr says he hopes people forgive Jon Gruden



Outside of himself, the person in the Las Vegas Raiders who has been most affected by the Jon Gruden email scandal is quarterback Derek Carr.

Gruden and Carr had worked together for almost four years and even lived next door to each other when the Raiders moved to Las Vegas in 2020. The two spent a lot of time together and clearly developed a special and loving bond. .

After all emails were leaked, Carr even told a press conference that he “loves man and hates sin” in reference to Gruden.

In an interview on Fox Sports: NFL Between Raiders quarterback and former teammate Charles Woodson, Carr shared similar feelings about his former coach. He continued to point out how much he loved Gruden and how baffled he was when he saw the contents of the email.

“I feel bad for everyone who has been involved,” Carr told Woodson. “It didn’t say those things, so it wasn’t me, but I still feel the pain because I love this man so much.” At some point I hope people will forgive [Gruden]. “

Woodson would follow up on Carr’s above comment, and Carr has explained what he means by forgiving Gruden. The explanation, and more from the interview, can be seen in the clip below.

The Fox Sports: NFL The studio team, which includes Woodson and another Raider legend in Howie Long, weighed in and shared their thoughts on the former teammates’ conversation in the clip below.

Considering the time they’ve spent together, it’s understandable that Carr feels conflicted over Gruden’s departure. The quarterback handled this situation extremely well, both on and off the field.

He said all the good things that won’t condone the manager’s actions, without turning his back on someone who has supported him over the past few years. And of course, Las Vegas is 2-0 with 77 points overall in its last two games, in large part because the team captain has strengthened himself even further as a leader.

Carr guided the Raiders to a 5-2 record and first place in the AFC West before the week off following the whole mess. Who knows if or when people will forgive Gruden, but this situation has revealed a lot about Silver and Black’s signalman, which has been positive.

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