The duo made their dream come true

The Las Vegas Raiders have high hopes for a long playoff streak after a busy offseason. Much of it is down to the fact that their new quarterback and wide receiver duo finally achieved their dream of playing together in the NFL. The Las Vegas caller talked about it recently in some of the latest Raiders news.

Derek Carr has always had strong, sometimes formidable weapons around him. Players such as Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper and Darren Waller come to mind. You can’t sleep on Hunter Renfrow either, and he’s destined for No. 4. However, none of them were his best friends at Fresno State. None of them had this special, almost brotherly bond. Well, after both having stellar careers with their respective teams, Davante Adams has finally made his way to the Raiders this offseason. It took a while to come, but as Carr recently explained, it was something they both wanted. for a while.

Raiders news: It doesn’t promise we’ll be able to repeat what we’ve done, says Derek Carr

Talk with Anthony Galaviz of Fresno Bee, Carr shared a glimpse of Adams’ arrival and what it means to him personally. In particular, Carr highlights how much teaming up with Adams means to both of them.

“It’s something we’ve always talked about. We dreamed about it, then when it got closer to reality, I gave everything and so did he. It’s something we both know where we are in our careers.

Carr has always been a top-tier NFL quarterback, and his numbers certainly back up that notion. What has lagged behind is the success of the team. Now, Carr will arguably have her best cast when it comes to offensive weapons. The fact that his dream of reuniting with his friend on an NFL field is now a reality means you can tell 2022 will be different. At the same time, Carr makes no promises.

“It does not promise that we will be able to repeat what we have done. It gives us the opportunity to play together again, and that’s exciting.

Carr is a professional and he knows not to make outlandish promises or guarantees. On that same note, he acknowledges that playing Adams is exciting and that he knows full well what they can accomplish when they play together. State of Fresno 2.0? Raider Nation certainly hopes so.

*Top photo: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

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